Friday, August 20, 2010

I haven't been keeping up on this like I should....Anyway, I was riding Freya two days ago and she was just being a brat. She was rushing into the trot, and when I tried to bring her back down to a walk, Freya would try to rear and throw her head up. Whenever I would ask her to change directions, Freya would give me her rear/head toss thing. When she almost went all the way up, I did a flying dismount(I didn't fall off ..I really did dismount) and unbuckled one of her reins and made her WORK. I made her back up, yield her hindquarters-both directions, and lunged her both directions, walk, trot, and canter. After I was finished lunging her, I went to get back on, Freya kept walking away, or side-stepping just enough so that I couldn't mount. This earned her some more yielding of the hindquarters. Freya finally decided that she should probably stand still. Her attitude was MUCH better the second time I rode her, she had some VERY nice transitions and was quite bendy.  Then yesterday when I went out to the barn I decided that I would work on Freya's lunging and relaxing at the pole. I made some draw reins to help her stay on the bit and not flip her head up. She did really well with them and rounded her back very nicely.

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